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About Us!

At Striot, we help startups & enterprises scale and improve customer loyalty with world-class design and development solutions.


Our Values

Here's what sets Striot apart from the rest and why our values make us who we are.

Quality does not affect price
We are one-thousand percent committed to every project, no matter the size or price.
Integrity is a leading principle in our team culture, we believe having strong integral values are one of the keys to success.
Continuous learning
We strive everyday to learn from the previous day to refine or learn new skills.

Meet the team

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Bryce Heyer
Founder & CEO
6+ years of experience in UI / UX, and an eye for graphic design.
Victoria Dodwell
UI / UX Designer
4+ years of experience in UI / UX design, formerly AirBnB.
Angela Roston
UI / UX Designer & Developer
8+ years of experience in UI / UX design, 5+ years of web development experience.
Kyle Camden
Designer & Brand Strategist
5+ years of graphic design experience with 4+ years of branding design expertise.
Dana Terlow
Full Stack Developer
8+ years of website, and web application experience.
Benjamin Charian
Graphic Designer & Developer
7+ years of graphic design experience, with 5+ years of web & app development experience.
Founder's note

Our mission

Our mission here at Striot is to be an all-in-one design and development solution for professionals and teams to grow faster, increase revenue, and feel confident in themselves. We’re all about building a relationship with you. We work collaboratively alongside you to make your business and brand vision come alive.

Your goals, coupled with our strategic expertise, results in a strong foundation that helps you become a digital leading machine that delights audiences and converts customers every step of the way.

Bryce Heyer,
Founder of Striot

Where we are

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The United States
Currently, we all work remotely but are all located on the East Coast of the United States!
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