Buyer-led sales for small business

Meet the modern buyer's expectations, build trust, and drive revenue with a more consultative sales strategy.

What is buyer-led sales?

Buyer-led sales is an approach that involves deeply understanding the needs of the modern buyer—not only what they want, but how and when they want it. With a buyer-led approach, we help small businesses create more value for their customers and build stronger relationships.

B2B buyers expect experiences more similar to B2C interactions. This means sellers need to meet buyers where they are, offer tailored content, and anticipate their needs. With the right tools and processes, teams can create buyer-led experiences that guide buyers through an engaging and personalized customer journey.

Run our playbook

Implement content, sales, marketing systems that increase revenue by prioritizing the customer journey.


Create engaging, informative content tailored to your audience's needs.


Optimize website for search engines to increase organic traffic visibility.


Targeted ads that address buyer pain points and solutions effectively.


Personalized, segmented emails delivering valuable content to nurture leads.


Identify and engage high-potential leads through research and tailored outreach.


Collaborate with industry leaders to expand reach and build credibility.

Get results

Generate quality leads, achieve higher average order value, enhance customer lifetime value.

Quality leads

Attract high-intent leads with personalized, data-driven sales and marketing strategies.

Higher AOV

Increase AOV with upselling, cross-selling, and personalized recommendations.

Higher CLV

Maximize long-term profitability by enhancing customer satisfaction.

"People ignore designs that ignore people."

Frank Chimero

We design and ship digital products that transform companies.

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"Working with the Striot team was an absolute pleasure. The key to any successful project is communication and they were extremely communicative, ensuring that every detail was addressed."

Scott Lynch, Legacy Divisions

"We had a fantastic experience working with the Striot team. We needed a re-imagination of a landing page and they delivered a super clean and modern page fast. It's great they use Slack, too!"

Ali Rexrode, NextRequest

"Working with Striot has been a great delight! They worked swiftly and were able to make adjustments accordingly. The video tutorials were also super helpful! Would love to work with them again."

Becca Kim, Workshop/APD

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